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Thank you for visiting Unconditional Learning! This is the blog of Alex Shevrin – you can learn more about me here. Below, please find information about the philosphy behind Unconditional Learning and some places to get started reading on the blog.

Why Unconditional?

I am deeply motivated by the concept of unconditional positive regard in education. Alfie Kohn’s essay “Unconditional Teaching” captures the essence of unconditional acceptance in schools. I spoke about what unconditional positive regard means to me in an EdTalk at the MTA Summer Institute a few years ago. I write more about the idea here. To me, unconditional positive regard the the foundation for creating the schools we need for every student.

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I am in the process of developing a full menu of workshops and collaboration opportunities. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to discuss working together. Topics of expertise include:

  • Trauma toolbox – core understandings and practical tips for teachers
  • Working with challenging students – strengths-based and relational approaches
  • Getting unstuck with problem-solving – strategies and scaffolds for a wide range of learners