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All students need a safe and caring school environment.

Welcome to Unconditional Learning. My name is Alex Shevrin Venet.  I help teachers connect theory to practice to create equity-centered trauma-informed schools. I’m an educator, professional learning facilitator, and writer.

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A photo of Alex (a white woman with pink clear acrylic glasses and should-length wavy dark brown hair). She's wearing a t-shirt that says "accessibility isn't optional" in a fancy font against a colorful background.

I am deeply motivated by the concept of unconditional positive regard in education.

To me, unconditional positive regard is the the foundation for creating the schools we need for every student. I spoke about what unconditional positive regard means to me in an EdTalk at the MTA Summer Institute a few years ago.

I believe we can create a safe and caring school environment through unconditional positive regard, recognizing the dynamic and complex lives of our students. Systems change is just as important as our individual actions, and only through systems change can we truly create equity for all.

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